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Access and Share Photos Without Upload or Email

Frustrated by the process of uploading or emailing large photo files to friends and family? Check out the GlooNet Photo Sharing Service. The service lets wireless carriers, ISPs, cable operators, and online photo services offer their users secure, remote access to their personal photo collections stored on home PCs from any remote PC, PDA, or mobile phone. The GlooNet platform also lets you share photos with friends and family without having to upload photos to a third-party Web-based photo service.

The GlooNet Photo Service is easy to integrate into virtually any Web-based or mobile service offering, and can be customized for service partners. The shared photos can be browsed as thumbnails or viewed as a full-screen slideshow from any browser. Users can even download the full image file if they want to add photos to their own collection—a feature unavailable with the leading Web-based photo services.

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