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dynaTrace Releases AJAX Edition 2, Free Ajax and JavaScript Client-Side App Tool

dynaTrace Software, a provider of application performance management (APM) products, has released dynaTrace AJAX Edition 2, the latest version of dynaTrace's free tool for optimizing Web 2.0 applications. AJAX Edition 2 can help developers build improved user experiences in their web applications by simplifying development of client-side Ajax and JavaScript applications and ensuring that these apps perform well.

Version 2 provides the same deep Ajax/JavaScript visibility of its predecessors while adding advanced analytics that help developers pinpoint performance issues in their applications across four major performance dimensions: browser caching, network requests, server-side processing, and JavaScript/Ajax execution. Every transaction is analyzed at these four dimensions, and problem areas are highlighted. dynaTrace AJAX Edition 2 also provides best-practice recommendations from Google, Yahoo!, and other AJAX Edition users.

A highlights of Version 2 is a "compare with competition" feature, which provides a dashboard summarizing key performance indicators (KPIs) for every web page, KPI comparisons with other web pages, and the ability to drill down to code level to fix issues. Additional new features include automated browser-testing capabilities (e.g., built-in integration with Selenium and Watir to facilitate client-side code testing) and tight integration with dynaTrace's server-side APM system to provide end-to-end visibility into transactions, from the browser click to the database and back.

The dynaTrace AJAX Edition 2 is available for immediate download here.

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