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The Search for a Plan to Bolster DevSecOps Against Attacks

Developers under pressure to deploy may benefit from incorporating security resources into the tools they have on hand.

With an ominous warning to automate or die, the combination of security with DevOps was the focal point of discussion last week at the NYCDevOps meetup. Irina Tishelman, solutions architect for Sonatype, which develops solutions to automate DevOps, spoke at the event, delivering a call to action for organizations to get on board with DevSecOps principles. “Emphasize the performance of the entire system and never pass a defect downstream,” she said.

As hackers continue to grow in guile and craftiness, Tishelman said improved communication between security teams and developers could give organizations a better chance at locking down their vulnerabilities. There is a desire though to maintain speed of deployment even when confronted with the scale of cybercrimes. So far in 2019, some 4.1 billion records may have been exposed across 3,800 data breaches, Tishelman said, and the year is not done yet. “This is our new reality where all kinds of companies are challenged by hackers who are more and more sophisticated,” she said.

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