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Using ADsSecurity.dll Instead of GetOwner.dll

If you're unable to use GetOwner.dll, you can use OwnedBy-ADsSecurity.vbs, an alternative version of OwnedBy.vbs that uses ADsSecurity.dll instead. Just as with GetOwner.dll, ADsSecurity.dll must be registered on the computer running the script. To get ADsSecurity.dll, download the software development kit (SDK) for Active Directory Services Interfaces (ADSI) 2.5—adsrtk.msi—from After you download the SDK .msi file, you can install it by right-clicking it in Windows Explorer and choosing Install or by typing the following command at a command prompt:

msiexec /i path to SDK download folder\adsrtk.msi

Installing the SDK automatically registers ADsSecurity.dll on the system. If you don't need the full SDK installed on every system that will run the script, you can simply copy ADsSecurity.dll to a folder (e.g., %systemroot%\system32) and register it similarly to the way I describe GetOwner.dll registration in the main article.

Due to an apparent flaw in ADsSecurity.dll, OwnedBy-ADsSecurity.vbs (or any other calling script) will crash if the account under which you run the script doesn't have at least the Read Permissions NTFS permission on every file it accesses. To avoid this problem, make sure to run the script under an account with sufficient NTFS permissions.

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