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As Swift opens up, so does demand for Apple's new language

As Swift opens up, so does demand for Apple's new language

Swift, HTML, and C++ see fastest growth in demand for jobs

A new study has found that demand for Swift programmers is up 600 percent over last year, with demand for HTML and CSS skills still tripling over the past year.

The data is from Toptal, a freelance developer website that has been tracking which kinds of requests it gets from the companies that use it.

While high demand for Swift programmers is not too surprising given how new the language is, interest in it was no doubt broadened after the language was open sourced and IBM embraced it.

A look at the full top-ten fastest growing languages by customer demand shows that sometimes it's the older skills that stay the most relevant: Basics like HTML, CSS, and PHP all saw solid growth. The full Top 10 list, as provided by Toptal:

  • Swift​​​ 600%
  • HTML ​​​267%
  • C++​​ ​244%
  • CSS​​​ 239%
  • PHP​​​ 167%
  • Sass​​​ 142%
  • Objective-C​ ​138%
  • Less​​​ 137%
  • XML​​​ 125%
  • Python​​ ​120%
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