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Microsoft Cancels MIX, Plans New Developer Event for 2012

Microsoft confirmed today that it has canceled the MIX web and phone developer show and will replace it with an as-yet-unnamed and unscheduled new developer conference. The news confirms rumors that MIX was dead, with many feeling that Microsoft would (or at least should) provide a second BUILD conference this year.

"We have decided to merge MIX, our spring web conference for developers and designers, into our next major developer conference, which we will host sometime in the coming year," Microsoft general manager Tim O'Brien wrote in a blog post. "I know a number of folks were wondering about MIX, given the time of year, so we wanted to make sure there’s no ambiguity, and be very clear ... there will be no MIX 2012."

As that post notes, MIX started off as a conference for web developers but was later modified to include Windows Phone development. But with Microsoft pushing web- and Windows Phone-like development principles into Windows 8 via the WinRT APIs, it's not surprising that the company would want to combine all of this into a single conference. Like many, I believe this should happen via annual BUILD conferences.

"The goal is to ensure that global Microsoft developer events are of the caliber that many of you experienced at BUILD last September, in addition to the thousands of online and local developer events we host around the world to support communities and connect directly with developers," O'Brien added. "We will share more details of our next developer event later this year. In the meantime, know that we are we are hard at work and will look forward to seeing many of you there."

Ultimately, what we're left with, of course, is yet another mystery from Microsoft. At least they keep things interesting.
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