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KiXtart Articles and Web Sites


KiXtart Articles and Web Sites
If I've piqued your interest about KiXtart and you want to learn more, you'll find a wealth of KiXtart-related resources just moments away. Start with the following Windows Scripting Solutions articles:
"KiXtart User Logons," July 2002, InstantDoc ID 25276
"Creating Logon Scripts with KiXtart," February 1999, InstantDoc ID 4817
"Manipulate the Registry and Access Files with KiXtart," April 1999, InstantDoc ID 5124
Then follow up with these Web resources for more information:
The official KiXtart home page,
The KiXforms Web site,
ScriptLogic's site, for information about ScriptLogic and Desktop Authority,
iTripoli's site, for information about Admin Script Editor,
KiXtart HelpDesk,
KiXHelp Web site,

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