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40 Lashes

In case you haven't noticed, it's November already. If you read last month's "Perspectives" column in Scripting Central, you might be wondering why Code Central--Windows IT Pro's new searchable storehouse of scripts and programs ( that was supposed to debut at the end of October--is still displaying the "Code Central is coming soon!" message instead of displaying lots of code.

With three dogs running around my house, I could say that they ate all the paperwork when I was working on it late one night. However, they're really good dogs, so I hate to give them a bad rap. Or I could say that our computer system had a virus, so it called in sick a lot. But the truth is that this project has turned out to be a lot larger than anticipated.

Code Central will feature an area in which visitors can post scripts they've written and would like to share with fellow scripters. This part of Code Central is ready and waiting for scripts. Code Central will also feature code that has been published in the various Windows IT Pro print publications (i.e., Windows Scripting Solutions, Windows IT Pro, SQL Server Magazine, Exchange & Outlook Administrator, and Windows IT Security). This code is the problem child because many of these publications have been around for years. With Windows IT Pro celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and Windows Scripting Solutions turning 8 next year, there are numerous scripts to migrate into Code Central.

Rather than doing a half-baked job, we decided to postpone the launching of Code Central. When it finally does open its doors, Code Central will provide a searchable repository chock full of scripts. You'll be able to search for scripts by scripting language (e.g., VBScript, Perl), scripting technology (e.g., Windows Management Instrumentation--WMI), the name of a particular scripter, or the type of task you want to automate. You can even search the scripts themselves for keywords. We hope the wait will be worth it.

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