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XML Developer's Guide

XML Developer's Guide provides a detailed introduction to XML, as well as its history, syntax, and fundamental concepts. Fabio Arciniegas provides insightful remarks and recommendations. He also provides alternate solutions to problems, and explains when and why to use particular fixes. The book assumes some familiarity with Java and object-oriented programming; the code examples are in C.


The book is well organized. The opening section introduces XML basics, the second concentrates on XML parsing and programmatic manipulation, the third delves into related technologies, the fourth explains important XML applications, and the last provides case studies. The first two sections include chapters on Document Type Definitions (DTDs), Namespaces, Simple API for XML (SAX), and the Document Object Model (DOM). Arciniegas clearly explains each XML element or extension, beginning with basic ideas and examples, and ending with complete descriptions and complex examples.


Arciniegas then explains some key applications of XML in diverse domains, such as database programming and wireless communication. The book concludes with several case studies that illustrate how you might apply XML to your own work.


I like Arciniegas' writing style; he makes it easy to grasp this language. If you plan to work with XML and need a comprehensive introduction, get this book.


- Alan C. Moore, Ph.D.


XML Developer's Guide by Fabio Arciniegas, Osborne/McGraw-Hill,



ISBN: 0-07-212648-5

Cover Price: US$59.99

(682 pages, CD-ROM))


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