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Lake Quincy Media Launches AdSignia

Lake Quincy Media Launches AdSignia

Advertising and media representation company Lake Quincy Media has launched AdSignia, which provides a dashboard command center for both advertisers and online publishers to manage advertising campaigns.

 AdSignia s dashboards give an at-a-glance summary of performance and activity for advertisers and publishers. In addition, advertisers can now access detailed campaign reports and create campaign proposals online. Publishers now have access to comprehensive charts showing current earnings and advertising activity. AdSignia will also include an ad placement tag setup wizard, which will make it simple for publishers to create and update placements on their sites.

 Lake Quincy Media, formerly the ASPAlliance Ad Network, is co-owned by Microsoft Regional Director and MVP Steven Smith and serves a publisher network of more than 50 Microsoft developer community Web sites. The addition of AdSignia is the second major enhancement to the ad display system since its creation in 2001. The advertising network currently serves more than 80 million impressions each month.


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