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HTML 4.0 Sourcebook

It's hard to believe that the commercial Internet as we know it has been around for over eight years, exploded into popularity because of a simple four-letter acronym markup syntax. Since that time, the simple application of HTML has gone through various iterations, culminating in its version 4.0 state. Ian Graham has worked with HTML from the beginning, and shares his years of real-world experience in HTML 4.0 Sourcebook.


The book provides good introductory text to designers learning HTML for the first time. It supplies readers with clear, detailed listings and explanations of all HTML 4.0 tags and their behaviors in multiple browser implementations.


Yet the book is geared more toward Web designers than application developers. It contains irrelevant chapters on design suggestions and recommendations that are mostly moot in light of today's Web design tools. Also, I would've preferred that the publisher print the appendices instead of only offering them on the companion Web site. The book's only programming examples include antiquated Perl examples; no modern HTML editors are discussed.


Ultimately, the book's value is fading mostly because it reflects the time at which it was written. Even the author's later book on XHTML admits that the recommendations made in HTML 4.0 Sourcebook have been usurped by more appropriate syntax methodologies. Thus, for designers only now being exposed to the world of Web page syntax, HTML 4.0 Sourcebook might provide insight. For more advanced Web authors and developers, there's not much this book has to offer beyond what has already been published.


- Mike Riley


HTML 4.0 Sourcebook by Ian S. Graham, Wiley Computer Publishing,



ISBN: 0-471-25724-9

Cover Price: US$34.99

(631 pages)



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