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For creating a Custom Principal class, implement it based on the IPrincipal. There are some interesting

benefits by overriding the IPrincipal Interface. Check out the Benefits mentioned below.


  1. Adding a “Roles” property that returns an array of strings containing the roles the user is a member of.


  1. Adding “IsHigherThan” or “IsLowerThan” methods to enable Hierarchical group membership.

C# Code Sample


Using System;

Using System.Security.Principal;


namespace CustomRoleBasedSecurity



Public class CustomPrincipal : IPrinicpal


     //Implementing the Private Variables for the Standard Properties


Private IIdentity _identity;

       Private string [] _roles;


     //Allow caller to create the Object and Specify all properties

     Public CustomPrincipal (IIdentity identify, string [] roles)



 _identify = identity;

 _roles    = new string [roles. Length];





//Implement Public read-only Interfaces for Standard Properties

Public bool IsInRole (string role)



  return Array.BinarySearch(_roles, role) > = 0 ? true :false;




Public IIdentity Identity




 { return_identity;}




VB.NET Code Sample


Imports System;

Imports System.Security.Principal;


Public Class CustomPrinicipal Implements IPrincipal


 ‘Implement Private variables for Standard Properties

  Private _identity as IIdentity

  Private _roles as String()


 ‘Allowing the caller to create the Object and Specify all Properties


Public Sub New (ByVal Identity As IIdentity, ByVal roles as String())

_identity = identity

roles.CopyTo(_roles, 0)


End Sub


‘Implement Public read-only Interfaces for Standard Properties

Public Function IsinRole(ByVal role as String) As Boolean

       Implements Iprincipal.IsInrole

       Return False

End Function


Public ReadOnly property Identity() as IIdentity

       Implements IPrincipal.Identity



       End Get

End Property

End Class      

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