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Blockchain for IT Pros

Blockchain for IT Pros

Learn how blockchain will impact the enterprise -- and what skills IT pros will need to master this technology.

It’s hard to go to any tech event today without hearing talk of blockchain. Proponents of the technology tell us that blockchain can solve virtually all of the world’s problems. Big-name tech companies
like Oracle and Microsoft are in the blockchain game. Meanwhile, other folks question whether blockchain is more than just a fad. Is it worth it to take the time to learn blockchain?

We can’t answer this question definitively, but we can provide a healthy perspective on the importance of blockchain technology to IT careers. This guide will provide a framework technical folks can appreciate—like how novel blockchain really is in a technological sense—rather than the economic, political and regulatory issues associated with blockchain. Taking the time to learn blockchain and how it really works, as well as how to write blockchain-based software logic like smart contracts, will potentially prove very important for advancing IT careers in a number of different fields. This guide will walk through the pros and cons of embracing this technology, talk about the pluses of permissioned blockchains, and it provides a jumping-off point to start learning about start learning about the unique software management and support challenges that arise from blockchain applications. Finally, we’ll identify useful learning resources that will teach you how blockchain-based software of all types works from a technical perspective.