Data Analytics and Data Management in 2022: Top Stories So Far

Our most-read articles about data analytics and management from the first half of 2022 include coverage of emerging data privacy concerns, AI, and how vendors will make data more accessible.

Spencer Smith, Senior Editor

July 11, 2022

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Data Analytics and Data Management in 2022: Top Stories So Far

Data analytics and data management are fast becoming a part of mainstream discussions. Not only do data-related skills factor into many jobs today (whether that job is strictly focused on IT or not), the public at large continues to learn and talk more about the role data plays in everyday life. 

As such, ITPro Today’s most-read data analytics and data management stories from the first half of 2022 cover topics from a variety of angles, with data privacy as a prominent theme.

Here’s a rundown of our top stories about data analytics and data management from the first half of the year.

1. 5 Tips for Inclusive Product Design

At its Build conference, Microsoft pushed software developers to incorporate inclusivity and accessibility principles into their development processes. Microsoft highlighted Azure Cognitive Services as a way to extend software products to more users.

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2. Google Is Sharing Our Data at a Startling Scale

Google transmits the location data and browsing habits of its American and European users more than 70 billion times per day, according to the Irish Council for Civil Liberties.

Further Reading: FBI Search Data of Millions of Americans Without Warrants

3. Snowflake Streamlit Acquisition to Add Open-Source Dev Framework

Snowflake, a cloud-based data warehouse provider, announced plans in March to purchase Streamlit, an open-source framework startup. Learn how the acquisition adds to Snowflake’s platform.

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4. Microsoft Build 2022: Nadella’s Top Announcements

The most notable Microsoft Build announcements included the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform. The cloud-based platform integrates databases, analytics, and governance to simplify the way organizations work with their data estates.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at Microsoft Build 2022


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5. Accelerometer Data and Its Security Implications

Accelerometers are built into smartphones and electronic devices to detect motion, device orientation, and other characteristics. Companies have begun to find creative uses of accelerometer data, raising questions about its security implications.

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6. Data Engineering and Analytics: The End of (The End Of) ETL?

Technology marketers often claim the new product they are promoting will upend an entire industry. In this article, data analytics expert Stephen Swoyer investigates one vendor’s claims about “the end of ETL.”

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7. Top U.S. Websites Run Afoul of European Data Privacy Law

Despite the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) being in effect since 2018, many U.S. websites have yet to comply. Learn how leading U.S. websites have failed to abide by GDPR.

8. Dell Technologies World 2022 Takes on Data Challenges

CEO and Chairman Michael Dell used his keynote at Dell Technologies World to discuss advancements in data, AI, and edge devices. The company also revealed a partnership with Snowflake to integrate Dell on-premises storage systems with Snowflake Data Cloud.

9. My Body, My Data Act Tackles Online Privacy in Wake of Roe v. Wade Decision

The Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe vs. Wade has caused a seismic shift in the U.S. California’s My Body, My Data Act intends to provide a countermeasure against the misuse of reproductive health data.

10. 10 Enterprise Applications for Blockchain Technology

The average person knows about blockchain from its use in cryptocurrencies and NFTs. However, as this slideshow explains, blockchain has potentially transformational use cases for enterprise businesses.

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