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Research Report: 2019 IT Priorities

This report on IT priorities identifies the technologies that are getting the lion’s share of IT budgets, how money is being spent within each practice area, how deployment models are shifting, who has control of the IT budget, and more.

IT is constantly evolving, and the latest, greatest tech tends to garner lots of headlines. Today, IoT, AI and edge computing get a disproportionate amount of press. However, research conducted among our readership highlights the fact that the tech that actually occupies the bulk of IT mind share is in mature practice areas, the upkeep of which is critical to businesses’ operations.

Download this report to learn which of those mature technologies are getting the lion’s share of the IT budget and, within each practice area, how the budget is being divvied. Read up on deployment models trends (cloud vs. on-premises), expectations around how 2019 spending will compare with 2018’s, how much of the IT budget IT actually has control of, the capex/opex split and more.

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