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Year in Review
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Top 10 Stories About Data Analytics and Management in 2022

Our most-read articles examined business use cases, marketing claims, emerging technologies and trends, and perennial challenges.

ITPro Today’s most-read articles about data analytics and management in 2022 explored the trends, claims, and frontiers of data. Readers learned about organizations that are investing heavily in a data-centric future, in addition to how they can improve their data science careers and business processes.

Review our 10 most-read articles about data analytics and management of 2022.

1. How Healthcare Giant Uses Data Storage Tiers for PBs of Data

Adopting the Komprise data management platform gave St. Luke’s Health Center greater visibility into the age and location of its petabytes of data. Learn how the organization’s data storage upgrade helped its team develop effective retention policies.  

2. Data Engineering and Analytics: The End of (The End Of) ETL

In this opinion piece, ITPro Today contributor Stephen Swoyer considers the deeper meaning behind a marketing cliché: “the end of ETL.”

3. All About Data Mobility

For our "IT Trends To Watch" series, ITPro Today contributor Terri Coles examined how the adoption of cloud-based services has changed the way we think about data mobility.

4. 5 Ways for Data Scientists to Improve Communication Skills

The ODSC East conference in April explored the cultural gap between data scientists and business decision makers. Here are five collaboration problems and how to overcome them.

5. How Naranja X Upgraded Its Data Governance Program via OvalEdge

Naranja X, Argentina’s primary credit card issuer, has learned to embrace data since adopting a fintech business model. This case study looks at the company’s upgrade to OvalEdge data catalogue and governance software.

6. Exploring Google BigQuery’s Implementation of a JSON ‘Data Type’

Google Cloud announced in February that its data warehouse service, BigQuery, “natively” supports JSON data using the JSON “data type.” In this opinion piece, Stephen Swoyer unpacks that claim, questioning its marketing-driven terminology.

7. Apache Airflow and the New Data Engineering has become a key contributor to the development of Apache Airflow open source workflow management software. Read this Q&A with the company’s director of data strategy for insight into how Airflow works, where it needs assistance, and how enhances the software. 

8. The Data Lakehouse Explained

This five-part series introduces the concept of a data lakehouse, then assesses the strengths and weaknesses of its architecture as a complement to data warehouses.

9. Why Junk Data Management Is an Organization-wide Effort

The quality and reliability of data is more important than ever, making a strategy for filtering out junk data critical to enterprises. Get tips for how to identify good data and use it to support business goals.

10. What to Know About Time-series Database Management Systems

Database management systems that can query time-series data is a key piece of next-generation software architecture. This explainer looks at the use cases for purpose-built time-series databases and their increasing relevance in data management.

Further Reading

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