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Daily Update: iPad 2 Day, Microsoft's Other Tablet OS, Windows 8 Silliness

Good morning.

Apple has responded, in truly firey fashion, to Microsoft's attempt to discredit Apple's trademark attempt for App Store. This fight is interesting for a number of reasons. But I'd like to point out some of the unintentionally hilarious language Apple uses to describe itself. In its filing, Apple describes itself as "the world famous technology company," "a market leading computer hardware, software and mobile computing technology and services company," and "long renowned for its innovation and product design," among other accolades. Just remember that the next time Steve Jobs or some other Apple executive puts on the humble act during a publicity event: Apple is many things. But humble isn't one of them.

Speaking of Apple, the company will today launch its iPad 2 (or "iPad 2.0," or whatever they call it). I'm hoping to see the company address the majority of my complaints about the first iPad, but at the very least, I'm hoping to see them kill the overly reflective screen that makes this device a $620 mirror on daytime flights. Just that one change would put it over the top for me. That said, in its evolutionary fashion, and based on rumors, I do expect to see the following changes as well:

- Lighter
- Thinner
- Faster/dual-core CPU
- More RAM
- Dual FaceTime cameras

And really, that's about it. There are a ton of other rumors, but few seem credible at this point. I'd like to see pricing go down, but based on the sales last quarter, Apple has little reason to do that, which is a shame.

Sidekick is dead. Long live Sidekick! Of course, this time around, the new version will be based on Android.

Mary Jo Foley discusses the quiet release of Windows Embedded Compact 7, or what she calls Microsoft's 'other' tablet operating system. This OS reads a lot like what Microsoft is planning for Windows 8: It's componentized, runs on ARM, is aimed at mobile devices including phones, and utilizes a Silverlight-based development environment. Curious.

Sensing weakness in the Call of Duty franchise, perhaps, EA has its sights on the shooter market, CNET reports.Good luck: The best selling two shooters of all time are the last two versions of Call of Duty, respectively.

Don't be fooled by this re-posted baloney. Before every Windows release, crazy concept videos and "screenshots" appear purporting to show what's coming next. They're never real. Disappointing, sure. But true.

Microsoft has unveiled a contest in which it is asking developers to push the limits of a modern browser without the use of plug-ins. "We believe that HTML5 and related technologies, in conjunction with faster and faster browsers, finally give developers the tools they need to create experiences that are as vivid, interactive and compelling as anything you have seen in native applications," Microsoft's Carter Rabasa writes.
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