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Daily Update: Firefox 4 is Available, Twitter Turns 5, More

Good morning. I'm in (well, near) Toulouse, France this week.

Mozilla has apparently release the final version of Firefox 4 a day "early" (the launch is tomorrow, but this thing's been delayed about a million times.) Here's the link for the Windows version.

There was a time period where Microsoft was settling local antitrust suits left and right. It's been awhile, but they've just settled on in Minnesota. We won't know the details until July, however.

Rob Enderle has written an interesting read about Microsoft’s six biggest blunders. I don't agree with all them, in fact I hadn't heard of one of them (#1). And you can't blame Brian Valentine for Vista; there is plenty of blame to spread there. But he has a nice list of consumer missteps there, something I've been discussing lately.

The Motley Fool has an even more interesting article about why Microsoft's stock price could double. And it's not what you think.

Not getting enough Windows 8 news? How about some post-Windows 8 news

Microsoft's Eee Slate ads hope to lure away iPad 2 buyers. Which is cute because all customers have to do is see an Eee Slate to want an iPad 2.

Twitter turned 5 today.
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