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Metalogix Acquires Syntergy's SharePoint Assets

Replication is key

Metalogix Software announced today it has acquired Syntergy’s SharePoint solutions, including Replicator for SharePoint and Connect for SharePoint. Syntergy SharePoint products will be renamed under the Metalogix brand.

Metalogix provides SharePoint content management solutions, as well as solutions for Exchange and cloud platforms. Syntergy will continue to operate in the LiveLink solutions industry, providing LiveLink products and services for Open Text Content Server, and will remain a preferred partner with Metalogix.

"The SharePoint replication market is growing," said Steven Murphy, CEO of Metalogix. "SharePoint content is constantly moving, whether you're moving content from legacy systems into SharePoint, or consolidating or offloading content. This is a great opportunity to expand our product line."

With the addition of Syntergy replication solutions to its SharePoint portfolio, Metalogix expects to be uniquely positioned to meet a growing business-critical need. Many customers who use Metalogix to upgrade to SharePoint 2010, optimize SharePoint storage, and consolidate content from across the organization into SharePoint are also looking to have highly available SharePoint content anywhere in the world, Murphy said. By using SharePoint replication, organizations with multiple SharePoint servers can ensure users have uninterrupted access to content.

"SharePoint is the dominant new ECM," Murphy said. "We're in the big content era boom. We used to talk gigabytes and now we're talking terabytes and petabytes. Companies are looking for a better way to manage that infrastructure."

That infrastructure might include not only SharePoint 2010 but also earlier SharePoint versions. Some companies don't migrate all their content to SharePoint 2010, said Metalogix VP of Enterprise Technology, Trevor Hellebuyck. "For organizations that want to keep 2007 synchronized with 2010, replication makes more sense." Replicator for SharePoint offers two-way data synchronization by replicating content and settings back and forth between server farms, even if they aren't identical.

Syntergy’s SharePoint solutions will be offered as standalone products by Metalogix through its existing sales force and partner channel, and Syntergy SharePoint solution partners will have the opportunity to become part of the Metalogix Partner Program.

Metalogix will continue to support the existing Syntergy SharePoint customer base, ensuring that technical support and customer service requirements are met during the transition and beyond. Metalogix will also acquire the Syntergy SharePoint development team as well as other employees integral to the Syntergy SharePoint product infrastructure. For more information about products, partners, sales, and support, visit the Metalogix website.

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