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What's Winternals Administrator's Pak 5.0?

A. Winternals Software has released the fifth iteration of Administrator's Pak, a comprehensive suite of administrative tools, which includes:

  • ERD Commander 2005--a bootable CD-ROM environment (based on Windows Server 2003) that lets you modify installed OSs (e.g., make registry changes, fix corrupt files, modify services, recover deleted files, reset passwords, view autorun settings) via a GUI that looks like a regular Windows installation, as the figure shows. ERD Commander also includes the Firefox Web browser, the System File Repair Wizard, and a Solution Wizard, which, through a series of questions, ascertains what you're trying to do and recommends the best tool for the job.
  • Remote Recover--allows access to volumes and files on a remote system via TCP/IP as if the drives were locally mounted. You can boot the machine hosting the volumes via CD-ROM or a Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) downloaded image.
  • NTFSDOS Professional--provides full access to NTFS volumes from MS-DOS
  • FileRestore--restores deleted files
  • Regmon Enterprise Edition--monitors registry access and modification in real time across all machines in your enterprise
  • Filemon Enterprise Edition--similar to Regmon but for file access
  • TCP Tools (TCPView Professional Edition and TCPVStat)--allows full monitoring of the TCP/IP environment
  • Insight for Active Directory--a real-time Active Directory (AD) diagnostic utility that helps resolve problems and advises about possible problems
  • AD Explorer--a browser for AD
  • Crash Analyzer Wizard--analyzes a Windows crash dump and determines the likely cause

Administrator's Pak contains everything you need to maintain and troubleshoot your environment (especially ERD Commander 2005, my go-to tool for any system boot or recovery problem). I recommend that every administrator have Administrator's Pak in his or her toolbox.

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