Using task panes - 30 Oct 2007

Task panes are designed to simplify tasks by guiding you through each step of the process. Such task panes, including the Custom Animation task pane, replace complex dialog boxes in previous versions of PowerPoint.

Custom Animation task pane

Task panes also consolidate options and commands used in common tasks. Task panes such as the Slide Design task panes make it significantly easier to work with powerful features.

To view a task pane:

  • Choose an appropriate command such as Custom Animation, New Slide, Slide Design, Slide Layout, or Slide Transition.
  • Choose View → Task Pane
  • Press Ctrl+F1

When any task pane is visible, you can:

  • Click the drop-down arrow in the task pane title bar to select another task pane.

    task pane menu

  • Use the back and forward buttons at the top of the task pane to go to recently viewed task bars.
  • Drag the border between the task pane and the document to change the size of the task pane.
  • Click the close button in the title bar of the task pane to close the task pane. task pane close button
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