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Surface Tip: A Mini Bag for a Mini PC

Surface Tip: A Mini Bag for a Mini PC

Go small

I’ve always been fascinated by the “do more with less” mantra, which can be applied not just to technology usage but to real life as well. And like many who are transitioning from large portable computers to tablets like Surface or even smaller mini-tablets, I’m discovering over time that the amount of stuff I need I need to bring with me on the go is diminishing. Maybe it’s time for a smaller bag.

If you read my “What I Use” posts, you may recall a recent entry in which I described my typical travel load-out. In that post, I discussed my preference for Rick Steves bags and luggage, and the excellent Velocé shoulder bag I use as a backpack on all my business trips. This bag is big enough to hold my 15-inch Ultrabook, my Bose noise-cancelling headset and a lot of other gear. Indeed, on a recent trip to San Francisco for Build, it carried two additional portable computers as well. It’s like a bag of infinite holding.

This coming weekend, my family is heading off on a three week trip and I’ll be using a Surface Pro and the recently-released Acer Iconia W3 mini-tablet more regularly, due to their diminutive respective weight and size. And since we’ll be moving around a lot, I’d like to be able to bring one of them with me on road trips, and travel as lightly as possible. Perhaps a mini-bag is in order.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Rick Steves sells a smaller version of the Velocé shoulder bag I use so regularly, the unfortunately named Velocé guide bag for iPad. As its name suggests, it’s designed to fit an iPad, but of course it works well with any 10-inch tablet or smaller device too. And it is literally a mini version of the bag I use so frequently.

Intrigued, I purchased one. And while “perfect” is a word that should trigger misgivings while reading any review, this bag is pretty terrific. It easily accommodates a Surface RT or Pro with Type (or Touch) Cover, and even the Iconia W3 with its large keyboard dock fits. (You may recall that you can clip the Iconia W3 onto the back of this keyboard dock for travel.)

And there’s still room for a bunch of accessories. I’ve been walking each day and recently have started carrying this bag with one of the tablets, an extra phone, headphones, a mouse, and other gear in order to gauge the weight and comfort impact. So far so good: Not only is the bag a winner, but even weighed down with gadgetry it’s portable and light. It has a very expandable shoulder strap in lieu of backpack straps, and a handle. Either can be stowed in a hideaway compartment.

I’m not suggesting you need to buy this exact bag, though I am absolutely recommending it:  I’m a customer, not a spokesperson, and I really do use this stuff. But I’m sure there are wonderful alternatives out there. If you’ve been carrying a tablet or mini-tablet around in your big old bag or backpack, it may be time for an upgrade. Or just a change I guess.

Go small.

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