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Q. How do I enable the Dfs restricted same-site target selection option?

A. To enable the restricted same-site target selection option, you need to use the Dfsutil tool on each root server. First, run dfsutil.exe to obtain a list of roots in the domain. For example, to obtain a list of the roots in the domain demo.test, you'd enter the command

dfsutil /domain:demo.test /view

After you've determined the root name, you enable same-site Dfs target selection by running the Dfsutil command with the /insite switch. The command you use should look similar to this:

dfsutil /root:\\demo.test\shared /insite /enable

Here, the Dfs root is \\demo.test\shared. To check whether same-site Dfs target selection was enabled successfully, run the Dfsutil command again:

dfsutil /root:\\demo.test\shared /insite /display

This command should display the message "Insite Referrals ENABLED."

To disable same-site Dfs target selection, run the second command again, but use the /disable switch instead of the /enable switch. You must restart the Dfs service on each Dfs root server to effect this change. Be aware that for links that point to another Dfs domain-based namespace, the Dfsutil command ignores the /insite setting so that clients can access links outside of their local site.

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