Protocol Analyzer

Rising above a crowded field, the Sniffer s6040 polled more than twice as many votes as its nearest competitor to claim the Best Protocol Analyzer award. Taking an appliance approach to protocol analysis, the s6040 combines network fault detection and reporting capabilities with blade-based hardware designed to be placed at the network core. The s6040 can simultaneously monitor as many as four full-duplex Gigabit Ethernet links. The appliance aggregates multiple data streams into a single trace file, letting you view a conversation as if it took place over just one link and making it easy to monitor and troubleshoot asymmetric-routing or load-balancing links.

In addition to anticipating, isolating, and diagnosing network faults and performance problems, the s6040 provides virtual LAN (VLAN) statistics monitoring and threshold alerts. The product also supports the add-on functionality of Sniffer Voice, which analyzes Voice over IP (VoIP) call setup configurations, and Sniffer Mobile, for monitoring cellular networks and multiple network topologies.

Network General
972-987-2057 or 800-764-3337
2nd Place — Observer 9.0
Network Instruments
3rd Place — LanHound
Sunbelt Software
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