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New & Improved - 27 Jan 2004


Recover Data, 212-798-1490, 866-926-7962

XOsoft announced Data Rewinder and WANSync 3.5, a product suite that can recover corrupted files and databases. You can use the suite to recover data on servers of any type, including Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server. Data Rewinder continuously captures application or database-specific transactions and modifications and journals them for recovery purposes. When a corruption occurs, you can use Data Rewinder to instantaneously rewind corrupted data resources to their most recent consistent state. The software uses existing hardware infrastructure and requires no additional software licenses. You don't need to perform a system reboot or cause database interruptions to install the suite. WANSync synchronizes data on information servers to remote replicas and keeps the replicas fresh and available with continuous, real-time replication. For pricing, contact XOsoft.


Hide and Protect Stored Data

SoftCab released Stealth Storage, disk-encryption software that uses algorithms to protect data. When you install the software, Stealth Storage mounts a hidden disk that all software applications will recognize as an extra disk. You can store your most sensitive data on the hidden disk, which no one can access without a password. All requests to files stored on the hidden disk are encrypted and decrypted on the fly.

Stealth Storage lets you perform all regular operations such as copying, deleting, moving, and creating a backup. To further protect your data, Stealth Storage doesn't have a GUI or a special password window. Stealth Storage runs on Windows XP and Windows 2000 systems and costs $34.95 per copy.


Set Tests to Run at Intervals, [email protected]

MH Software released LetUknow 2.0, software that lets network administrators monitor their network by setting diagnostic tests to run at regular intervals. You receive notification when any tests fail. To make sure all components are responding, LetUknow can ping servers, routers, and other network components. You can monitor system resources and set a free-disk-space threshold on shared drives. You can also set maximum-size thresholds for files and folders on the system. LetUknow keeps a log of all tests performed. You can export the log files into a spreadsheet or database application for reporting purposes. LetUknow 2.0 runs on Windows Server 2003/XP/2000/NT/Me/98 systems and costs $99 for a site license.

Translate and Forward Event Information to MOM, 408-856-3000, 888-323-6768

NetIQ announced an updated AppManager Connector for Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM). The AppManager Connector for MOM automatically translates and forwards event information from NetIQ AppManager Suite to MOM so that organizations using MOM can monitor servers and applications in a multiplatform enterprise. Customers can deploy the combination to fit their environment. The updated connector can forward alerts either from AppManager to MOM or from MOM to AppManager. AppManager Connector for MOM uses the MOM Connector Framework (MCF), which provides a Web services interface to MOM. For pricing, contact NetIQ.

Automate Patch Management, 612-379-3805, 800-747-4487

New Boundary Technologies released Prism Patch Manager, software that provides centralized evaluation, deployment, and updating of crucial software patches. Prism Patch Manager features automatic system scanning to determine patch requirements. A patch database contains information about thousands of patches and how to deploy, validate, and install them. Before patch deployment occurs, you can use the software to evaluate system interdependencies. You can also validate patch installations systemwide. An optional agent lets you manage locked-down computers. Bandwidth-throttling capability lets you control how much bandwidth to use to deploy a patch. You can also use Prism Patch Manager to generate status reports and view compliance snapshots or analyze trends. Pricing starts at $1100 for 100 licenses.

Manage Configurations, [email protected]

Qualystem Technology released Qualystem UbiBoot, system-preparation software for heterogeneous hardware. If you need to boot a PC from a hard disk running a Windows XP or Windows 2000 installation initially created for another PC, UbiBoot lets you build a hard disk that can boot any PC with XP and Win2K. With UbiBoot, you don't need to prepare systems or take a hardware inventory; XP and Win2K can detect and use heterogeneous hardware. UbiBoot targets administrators who want to benefit from unified hard disk management, sites migrating to XP and Win2K and managing various types of PCs, users of Qualystem LAN-PC 3 and Qualystem Rescue 3 who want to use one master or reference configuration, and cloning-solutions users. For pricing, contact Qualystem Technology.


Find Resource Leaks, [email protected]

LIUtilities released WinTasks 4 Professional 4.4, software that lets you find resource leaks and protects you from Internet threats. To detect and terminate a virus, the software's Process Library provides you with continuous updates and descriptions of all programs and processes that are active on your computer. After a new virus is discovered, you can use the WinTasks script to detect and remove the virus. WinTasks can also remove spyware, adware, and other security threats. You can identify and terminate any program, even if the program is invisible in Windows Task Manager. WinTasks 4 Professional 4.4 runs on Windows XP/2000/NT/Me/98 and costs $49.95.

Search for Files, [email protected]

SoftComplete Development released SearchGun 1.1, software that can search for files in computers, external drives, 3.5" disks, and CD-ROMs. SearchGun features a scoring system that lets you find a file even when you don't remember the correct spelling of the filename. The program can also search the file's contents, including compressed file contents. The software's search syntax rules resemble an Internet search engine. SearchGun 1.1 runs on Windows Server 2003/XP/2000/Me/9x systems. Pricing starts at $19 for one license. Volume discounts apply.


Survey 3.3,
713-316-4900, [email protected]

Scalable Software released Survey 3.3, usage-management software that's unique because it provides thin-client support to measure actual usage, not open/close or elapsed time, for all applications running in Terminal Services sessions. You can audit and eliminate license and support costs associated with desktop and thin-client redundancy. Customized reports notify you when licenses are exceeded. Thin-client–focused report templates provide detailed reporting about server, application, client, and end-user activity. Consolidated reporting is provided for cross-platform analysis. You can also receive recommendations about purchasing or uninstalling products to return to compliance. Survey 3.3 is different from typical asset-management and inventory utilities because it couples usage measurements with raw installation numbers to reduce IT expenditures and achieve optimal asset usage.

"Now more than ever, chief information officers are being asked to show a Return on Investment for technology products. CEOs want to know how investments in infrastructures, email servers, and even workstations will benefit the company," said Brent Rhymes, Scalable Software's vice president of sales and marketing. "Proving the value through actual usage data is an approach adopted and well received by upper management. When companies measure usage, they discover a multitude of ways to reduce IT costs and are able to prove the value of technology in the workplace."

Usage and change management functions can audit and monitor deployed hardware for component changes due to end-user manipulation or theft. You can quickly identify accurate patch information to prevent security threats. You can also identify enterprise desktop security threats through scheduled standards policy auditing. Golden Machine standards comparisons locate deviations in installed software, application versioning, and security patches. Pricing is $35 per seat. Optional modules to measure printer usage and ensure security and standalone compliance are also available.

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