JSI Tip 7883. When you upgrade to Windows Media Player 9 Series, network activity to backend servers increases?

Windows Media Player 9 Series automatically monitors the My Music folder for changes in content. When you use Group Policy to redirect a user's home folder to a network share, Windows Media Player 9 Series monitors the redirected My Music folder, increasing network activity. The player also periodically checks to make sure that the Copy Music path is valid.

To workaround this behavior:

1. DO NOT allow Windows Media Player 9 Series to monitor the redirected My Music folder.

2. Move the Copy Music folder to a location that the user does NOT have access to, which causes Windows Media Player 9 Series to use the My Music folder instead.

NOTE: For information about how to monitor folders, or how to copy music, see the Windows Media Player 9 Series Help documentation.

NOTE: See the following tips:

2206 » Windows 2000 folder redirection.

2771 » How do I redirect the 'My Documents' folder for all users?

3471 » How can I insure that administrators have access to a user's redirected folder?

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