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JSI Tip 7013. The registry check pointing feature of Windows clustering stops functioning after you restore the Cluster service?

When you restore the Cluster service in Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003, the registry check pointing feature stops functioning.

This behavior will occur if you used the -resetquorumlog parameter.

Your System event log contains:

Source: ClusSvc
Event ID: 1024
Description: The registry checkpoint for cluster resource %ResourceName% could not be restored to registry key HKLM\system\currentcontrolset\services\%ServiceName%. The resource may not function correctly. Make sure no other processes have open handles to subkeys in the registry subtree.


Source: ClusSvc
Event ID: 1082
Description: The Microsoft Clustering Service failed restore a registry key for resource %ResourceName% when it was brought online. This error code was <NTSTATUS>. Some changes may be lost.

To fix this behavior, reset the server cluster check points by using the Windows Server 2003 ClusterRecovery.exe utility.

NOTE: The ClusterRecovery tool also works in Windows 2000 clusters.

NOTE: See the ClusterRecovery.chm help file.

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