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JSI Tip 5579. Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 (SP3) includes updates for several of the Support Tools.

The official release page for Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 is at

Windows 2000 SP3 updates the following Support Tools:


NOTE: The Support tools are not automatically installed when you install a service pack.

The updated tools are available in the Support\Tools\ file on the Windows 2000 SP3 CD-ROM. You can also download them from the official release page.

The following Microsoft Knowledge Base describes the fixes and new features:


Q290149 Replmon Incorrectly Returns an Error Message When Binding to FSMO Role Owner
Q291383 Dcdiag Connectivity Test Does Not Succeed and Displays "')" for the Host Name
Q297384 Netdiag.exe Does Not Query SPN Registration When Down-Level Name Is Different
Q300630 Out of Sync Status When You Run Netdom.exe /Verify Command
Q300917 Memory Leak Calling the DsGetDcName() or DsGetSiteName() Function
Q305832 Memory Leak with the GetDirectPartnersEx() Function in Iadstools.dll
Q310685 Netdiag.exe Stops Responding When You Run the DNS Test
Q313108 Dcdiag Incorrectly Reports an Unsuccessful Connectivity Test

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