JSI Tip 4705. Freeware app installs network components from a Windows 2000 (only) command line.


Evan Housh brings us the following, which you can downloaded here:
NOTE: For a Windows XP version, click here.

***Windows 2000 (only) **** 

I would like to thank Jerry at jsiinc.com for his providing great 
information on his NTRegHacks page. My effort in providing this was 
inspired by Tip 0360 Installing Network Components from a batch file.

This tip works great on NT4 but if you have tried it on 2000 you have found that It does not work at all
(Not the fault of the tip but Changes in the system). 

The executable included performes the same function on 2000, with SP2 or greater. 

This is information derived from Freely available information from 
Microsoft. It is copyrighted by Microsoft. It is not guarenteed to 
be suitable for any particular purpose. 

This has been deployed by a major international corporation.

 snetcfg \[-v\] \[-l \] -c 

-i where, -l provides the location of INF -c provides the class of the component to be installed p

Protocol, s

Service, c

Client -i provides the component ID The arguments must be passed in the order shown. Examples: snetcfg -l c:\oemdir\foo.inf -c p -i foo ...installs protocol 'foo' using c:\oemdir\foo.inf snetcfg -v -l C:\WinNT\inf\netserv.inf -c s -i MS_Server ...installs service 'MS_Server' OR snetcfg \[-v\] -q Example: snetcfg -q MS_IPX ...displays if component 'MS_IPX' is installed OR snetcfg \[-v\] -u Example: snetcfg -u MS_IPX ...uninstalls component 'MS_IPX' OR snetcfg \[-v\] -s where, -s provides the type of components to show a

adapters, n == net components Examples: snetcfg -s n ...shows all installed net components OR snetcfg \[-v\] -b Examples: snetcfg -b ms_tcpip ...shows binding paths containing 'ms_tcpip' General Notes: -v turns on the verbose mode -? Displays this help Notes: The path to the INF file has to be absolute %SystemVariables% do not work as far as I can tell Example: These are the exact command line \[Install "Client Services for Netware"\] snetcfg -v -l c:\winnt\inf\netnwcli.inf -c c -i MS_NWCLIENT \[Remove "Client Services for Netware"\] snetcfg -u MS_NWCLIENT

NOTE: On Windows 2000, the following will work without SP2 or greater:

snetcfg -v -l %systemroot%\inf\sysoc.inf -c s -i MS_Server

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