JSI Tip 3719. Windows 2000 Resource Kit hotfixes

NOTE: See Where have the Windows 2000 Resource Kit tools gone?

Microsoft has released hotfixes to the Windows 2000 Resource Kit tools listed below.

Hotfixes are tool updates that improve functionality or fix bugs. Hot fixes can be applied only to installed tools.

Appsec.exe: Application Security
Sets user permissions on a file-by-file basis to lock down accessible applications.

Drmapsrv.exe: Drive Share
Automatically configures NET SHARE and NET USE client drives for Terminal Services server access.

Rdpclip.exe: File Copy
Copies files between Terminal Services server and client.

Sysdiff.exe: Automated Installation Tool
Pre-installs applications as part of an automated setup.

Terminal Server Capacity Planning Tools
Suite of tools that assist organizations with Windows 2000 Terminal Services capacity planning.

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