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JSI Tip 3689. Freeware User State Migration Tool.

Download the User State Migration Tool.

"This command-line tool collects a user's documents and settings (state) before an operating system migration to Windows 2000 is performed and restores them after the installation. The ScanState command of the User State Migration Tool is run before installation to collect a user's state information. After the installation of Windows 2000 is complete, the LoadState command of the tool is run to place the user's state on the computer.

You can use this tool when doing a side-by-side (from one computer to another) or wipe-and-load (on the same computer) migration. If you are doing an upgrade from Windows 9x or Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000, you do not need this tool.

The User State Migration Tool can do the following tasks without the modification of any associated .inf files:

Migrate most of the user's system settings including: 
Dial-up Networking (DUN)/Remote Access Service (RAS) 
Display settings (wallpapers, colors, fonts) 
Internet Explorer 4.x or 5.x settings 
Accessibility settings 
Mapped drives 
Network printers 
Folder options 
Migrate Microsoft Outlook 97, Outlook 98, or Outlook 2000 connectivity settings. 
Migrate some common types of user files to the My Documents folder.
You can alter the state information to migrate by modifying the migration rule .inf files to include or exclude specific files, folders, registry keys, or even registry trees. See Migration Rule File Syntax for the rules on modifying .inf files."

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