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JSI Tip 1887. OpalisRobot receives ZDNet Downloads 5 star rating.

"Each month, ZDNet Downloads' reviewers test and evaluate hundreds of software programs. Only a handful of these earn five stars, our highest rating. Each reviewer then singles out one of these five-star downloads as his or her favorite title of the month.

Rating 5 star
Version Number 3.5
Downloads to Date 433
Compressed Size 5,863,938 bytes

Editors Comments...

Opalis Robot lets Windows NT users automate just about anything in many different ways. The application installs as a service that runs unobtrusively, waiting for a trigger to start an operation. While this sounds like a task scheduler, it is far more sophisticated because it has the ability to spawn tasks or events that depend on conditions of other tasks or the system's state. Events can be quite involved also and can be triggered by time and date or by system functions like startup, shutdown, database activity, event log writing, and many others. Tasks can then be connected to the event and can run programs with arguments, start services, perform file system manipulation functions, send email, send a message, and much more. The included wizards are available to walk users through establishing and scheduling tasks. Although setup can be done manually for complete control of all details, it can also be extremely simple through the use wizards. Opalis Robot brings Windows NT functionality and automation to a new height.

Reviewed on Nov 08 1999.
System Requirements
Windows NT 4.0
Purchase Information
Demo: $795 and up for retail version."

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