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JSI Tip 1874. The Resource Kit ForFiles command.

ForFiles is a command-line tool for selecting files for batch processing.

ForFiles enables you to run a command on/pass arguments to multiple files. It is simpler to use than the FOR command.

The syntax is:

ForFiles \[-ppath\] \[-msearchmask\] \[-ccommand\] \[-dddmmyy\] \[-s\] \[-v\] \[-?\]


-ppath is the path to start searching.
-msearchmask is the seach mask, where *.* is the default.
-ccommand is a command to execute on each file. the default command is "cmd /c echo @file". Other variables are @path and @relpath
-dddmmyy Files with a date >= ddmmyy are selected.
-s Sub-directories are processed.
-v Verbose output is selected.
? Help.


ForFiles -pc:\ -s -m*.bat -c"cmd /c echo @file is a batch file"

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