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JSI Tip 1820. Your session times out with Evnet ID 3013?

Event ID 3013, The redirector has timed out to <ComputerName>, is usually indicative of:

1. The server you are trying to reach is busy and can't respond within the default 45 seconds.

2. The network is currently overloaded.

3. There is a network bottleneck.

While you can adjust the SESSTIMEOUT, you should first attempt to isolate the problem:

1. Verify you have the latest network driver installed, at both ends.

2. Verfiy that the redirector timeout is not just isolated to one client.

3. Reverse the operation, have the server connect to the client.

4. Obtain a network trace and look at the amount of time it takes for the server to respond.

5. If your NIC has a configuration utility, tune it.

6. Try another network cable.

If you finally determine that the problem is an overloaded network, a temporary solution is to increase the SESSTIMEOUT.

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