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JSI Tip 1719. BDC has event 5719 - RPC server is unavailable?

If your BDCs have:

Event ID 5719
No Windows NT Domain Controller is available for domain <domain name>.
The following error occurred: RPC server is unavailable.

you may be missing the domain controller and domain master browser entries for your PDC in WINS.

To work around this problem:

Create an %SystemRoot%\System32\Drivers\Etc\LMHOSTS file on each BDC that conains:

      <IP Address of PDC> <PDC Name> #PRE #DOM:<Domain Name>
      <IP Address of PDC> "<Domain Name> \0x1c" #PRE
      <IP Address of PDC> "<Domain Name> \0x1b" #PRE

where the text within the quotes (") is exactly 20 characters. You can use the following template:

to insure that the spacing is exact. Example: JSI001 #PRE #DOM:JSI "JSI            \0x1c" #PRE "JSI            \0x1b" #PRE
On each BDC, type:

nbtstat -R

to clear and reload the local name cache.

Import the static mapping from the %SystemRoot%\System32\Drivers\Etc\LMHOSTS file to the WINS database:

1. Use the WINS Manager to select the WINS server

2. Mappings / Static Mappings / Import Mappings / %SystemRoot%\System32\Drivers\Etc\LMHOSTS / Open.

3. After the import, click OK.

4. Press Close.

5. Replicate these changes to the the WINS replication partners by pressing Replicate Now.

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