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JSI Tip 1709. W9x DUN Client can not ping the remote host by name?

The W9x DUN Client can ping the Windows NT RAS server by IP address but not by name. You receive:

Bad IP Address <host name>

You can still browse and use NET VIEW \\<hostname>

The above are symptomatic of having a NIC on your W9x computer and TCP/IP is bound to it. You have Obtain an IP address automatically selected on the IP Address tab in Control Panel / Network / Properties and Use DHCP for WINS Resolution selected on the WINS tab. In TCP/IP Settings of DUN, Server assigned name server addresses is selected. Your local LAN no longer exists.

To work around this difficulty, use any one of the following on the W9x computer:

1. Upgrade to Windows NT.

2. Create a hardware profile that eliminates the NIC.

3. Use Winipcfg.exe to Release ALL IP address bound to the NIC.

4. Enable DNS and specifiy a DNS server that can resolve the remote host name.

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