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JSI Tip 1681. Assign Dial-In rights in batch.

RASgrant is a freeware utility that assigns Dial-In rights in batch.

Typing RASgrant /? returns:

RASGRANT by Gerard van Seventer -  mailto:[email protected]

RasGrant is a windows NT / 2000 commandline utility for setting Ras Dialin permissions.

Dialin permissions can be set for a single user or a group of users.

When using the group option (-G) be aware of the fact that if a user is added or removed from the group,
the dialin permissions are NOT changed automatically.

The utility will detect automatically Local or Global groups. Of course for Global groups you need a Domain controller.



RasGrant -S:  
 -P: (See below)   
 -T: (use with -P:A)   
 -D   Display current settings    
Permission: X
 No Dialin  
 Dialin with No Callback 
 Caller can set Callback 
 Admin callback (use with -T)  



RasGrant -s:\\officesrv -u:johnD -p:d   (Set dialin permisions to dialin with no callback for user johnD)

RasGrant -s:\\officesrv -g:rasusers -p:c (All users in group rasusers wil be set to Dialin with callback)

RasGrant -s:\\Server -g:"Domain users" -d (display setting for all users in group)

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