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JSI Tip 1618. How can I get the SBS console to offer a remote printer?

Using SBS 4.5, you can add a network printer to the available printers list in the SBS User Access Wizard.

NOTE: Share the printer before you begin this proceedure.

1. Install the Printer Drivers on the SBS computer:

      Start / SBS Console / Tasks / Manage Printers / Add a printer / Network Printer Server / Next

      Double-click the client computer in the Shared Printers area, select the shared printer and click OK.

      If you receive a warming about a suitable driver, click OK to install it.

      Select the manufacturer and model, or click Have Disk.

      Respond to the dsubsequent prompts.

2. Load the client drivers on the SBS server.

      Start / Settings / Control Panel / Printers

      Right click the printer you just added and click Sharing.

      Click Shared on the printer's Properties dialogue.

      Select the drivers you wish to install on the Alternate drivers area.

To add the printer to the SBS clients:

Start / SBS Console / Tasks / Manage Users.

Select a user and click Manage User Permissions.

Click Next in the User Access Wizard and Next again.

Click the remote printer in the Select Shared Printers for Username dialog box and click Add.

Click Next (until Finish is displayed) and click Finish.

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