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JSI Tip 1562. How do I install the Remoteboot service on Windows NT 4.0?

To install the Remoteboot service on a Windows NT 4.0 server, you must first:

01. Install the NetBEUI and DLC protocols on the server.

02. Re-install your latest Service Pack.

03. Control Panel / Network / Services / Add / Remoteboot Service.

04. Enter the full path to the folder where the Remoteboot directory is to be installed. The default is %SystemRoot%\RPL.

05. Click OK.

06. Complete the remaining dialog boxes.

07. Re-install your latest Service Pack.

08. Run the Remoteboot Manager.

09. Choose Configure from the Menu bar.

10. Press Fix Security to create the RPLUSER local group and assign the proper permissions.

You may want to see Q158278 - Explanation of How Windows NT Server 4.0 Remoteboot Works.

See tips 0330 and 0331.

You should consider getting the Server Resource Kit and latest supplement.

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