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JSI Tip 1539. Connection timed out error with Proxy Server on slow link.

If you receive a 10060 - Connection timed out error message, Winsock timeouts errors do occur on slow, congested, and/or high latency Internet links using Microsoft Proxy Server.

You should be able to reduce the number of timeouts by using Regedt32 to navigate to:


On the Edit menu, Add Value name TcpMaxDataRetransmissions, a type REG_DWORD value. In the DWORD Editor, select the Decimal Radix, and enter a starting value of 10. The default is 5.

NOTE: You may have set the value to 20 and/or make changes to your Internet connection or router to totally eliminate timeouts.

NOTE: A timeout can also occur if you attempt to connect to an Internet server that doesn't exist or if your Proxy Server computer has more than one default gateway (see Q161380).

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