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JSI Tip 1511. RegMaid.

Like RegClean, RegMaid will help you clean up your registry.

The Microsoft freeware can be downloaded from

Unlike RegClean, RegMaid has a GUI.

Unlike RegClean, RegMaid does not create an undo file, so you MUST backup the registry. I prefer ConfigSafe, but RegBack, RDISK /S, and tape backups are all useable.

RegMaid provides four possible views:

CLSID - Resonably safe.
ProgId - Reasonably safe.
TypeLib - Only if you know for sure.
Interface - Only if you know for sure.

I always run RegClean before running RegMaid.

I always navigate to the RegMaid entries reported, using Regedt32, and only remove an entry that I understand and can't fix.

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