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JSI Tip 1480. Which Y2K patch is installed on my computer?

Locate the Y2KFIXI.EXE file on your computer. At a CMD prompt, switch to the folder that contains the Y2KFIXI.EXE file. Type:

Y2KFIXI.EXE /x to extract the files to a working folder. The patch can be identified as follows:

Y2KFIXI.EXE        Size           Y2KFIX2I.EXE       Size 
Docprop.dll       56 KB           Docprop.dll       56 KB
Hotfix.exe        85 KB           Fpnwsrv.sys      217 KB  
Hotfix.inf         8 KB           Hotfix.exe        85 KB
Netui2.dll       289 KB           Hotfix.inf         8 KB
Shell32.dll    1,248 KB           Logout.exe        28 KB
Timedate.cpl      52 KB           Mfcinst.exe      694 KB
                                  Netui2.dll       289 KB
Y2kfixi.exe      586 KB           Ntbackup.exe     695 KB
                              27 KB
                                  Nwconv.exe       213 KB
                                  Shell32.dll    1,248 KB
                                  Timedate.cpl      52 KB
                                  Win32spl.dll      78 KB
                                  Y2kfix2i.exe   1,009 KB
See Microsoft Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure and Resource Center.
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