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JSI Tip 1468. What tools are included in Supplement 4 of the NT 4.0 Server Resource Kit.

NOTE: For Wndows 2000, see tip 3277.

Supplement 4 of the NT 4.0 Server Resource Kit, is now available.

NOTE: Microsoft recommends that you uninstall any previous resource kit before installing the supplement.

Most of the tools have been updated. New tools are prefaced with (New):

Addusers.exe: Add Users 
Apimon.exe: API Monitor 
Atanlyzr.exe: Apple Talk Network Device Analyzer 
Auditcat.hlp: Audit Categories Help 
Auditpol.exe: Audit Policy 
Autoexnt.exe: AutoExNT Service 
Breakftm.exe: Automated Mirror Break/Restore Utility 
Browmon.exe: Browser Monitor 
Browstat.exe: Browser Status 
C2config.exe: C2 Configuration Manager 
(New) Chgprint.exe: Change Printer Utility 
(New) Chklnks.exe: Link Check Wizard 
Choice.exe: User Input for Batch Files 
(New) Clearmem.exe: Clear Memory 
Clip.exe: Clip To Clipboard 
Clipstor.exe: Clipboard Storage 
(New) Cliptray.exe: Clip Tray 
Cmdhere.exe: Command Prompt Here 
Compreg.exe: Compare Registry 
Compress.exe: Compress File(s) 
Counters.hlp: Performance Counters Help 
(New) Cpustres.exe: CPU Stress Utility 
(New) Creatals.exe: Modify Domain_Create_Alias 
(New) Creatfil.exe: Create File 
Crystal Reports for Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit by Seagate Software 
(New) Ctrlist.exe: Counter List 
(New) Debugger Extensions: Windows NT 4.0 OEM Support Tools 
(New) Debugger Tools: Windows NT 4.0 Debugger Tools 
Defptr.exe: Default Printer 
Delprof.exe: User Profile Deletion Utility 
Delsrv.exe: Delete Service 
Depends.exe: Dependency Walker 
Desktops.exe: DeskTops 
Dh.exe: Display Heap 
(New) Dhcmp.exe: Heap Compare 
Dhcpcmd.exe: DHCP Administrator's Tool 
Dhcploc.exe: DHCP Server Locator Utility 
Diruse.exe: Directory Disk Usage 
Diskmap.exe: Disk Map 
Diskuse.exe: Disk Use 
Dnscmd.exe: DNS Administrator's Tool 
Dommon.exe: Domain Monitor 
Dotcrash.exe: DotCrash 
Drivers.exe: List Loaded Drivers 
Dskprobe.exe: Disk Probe 
Dumpel.exe: Dump Event Log 
(New) Dupfinder.exe: Duplicate Finder 
(New) Empty.exe 
Exctrlst.exe: Extensible Performance Counter List 
Exetype.exe: Executable Type 
(New) Expand.exe: Expand File 
(New) Extract.exe: Extract File 
(New) Fcopy.exe: File Copy Utility for Microsoft Message Queue Server 
Filever.exe: File Version 
Findgrp.exe: Find Group 
Fixacls.exe: FixACLS 
Floplock.exe: Lock Floppy Disk Drives 
Forfiles.exe: Forfiles 
Freedisk.exe: Free Disk Space 
Ftedit.exe: Fault Tolerance Registry Information Editor 
Getmac.exe: Get MAC Address 
Getsid.exe: Getsid 
Gflags.exe: Global Flags 
Global.exe: Global Groups 
Grpcpy.exe: Group Copy 
Hardware Compatibility List Web site 
Heapmon.exe: Heap Monitor 
Imagination Engineer LE by Intergraph 
Installation Monitor 
Instsrv.exe: Service Installer 
(New) Intergraph Imagination Engineer LE 
(New) Internet Explorer Administration Kit 
(New) Internet Explorer Web Accessories 
(New) Internet Information Server Performance Workspace Presets 
Kernprof.exe: Kernel Profiler 
Kill.exe: Kill 
Kix32.exe: Kixstart 95 
Leakyapp.exe: Leaky Application 
(New) List.exe 
Local.exe: Local Groups 
Logevent.exe: Log Event 
Logoff.exe: Logoff 
Logtime.exe: Logtime 
(New) Mcopy.exe: Multiple Copy 
(New) Memsnap.exe: Memory Profiling Tool 
Mibcc.exe: SNMP MIB Compiler 
(New) Microsoft Connection Manager Administration Kit 
(New) Microsoft Remailer 
(New) Mtc.exe: Multiple Tree Copy 
Munge.exe: Munge 
Netclip.exe: Remote Clipboard Viewer 
Netcons.exe: Network Connections 
Netdom.exe: Windows Domain Manager 
Netsvc.exe: Remote Service Controller 
Nettime.exe: NetTime Sync 
Nettime.hqx: NetTime for Macintosh 
Netwatch.exe: Network Watcher 
Nlmon.exe: NLMonitor 
Now.exe: Now 
Ntdetect.chk: Startup Hardware Detector (debug version) 
Ntevntlg.mdb: Windows NT Event Log Database 
Ntmsgs.hlp: Windows NT Messages 
Ntrights.exe: NTRights 
Oh.exe: Open Handles 
Oleview.exe: OLE/COM Object Viewer 
Os2api.txt: OS2 API Information 
Passprop.exe: Passprop 
Pathman.exe: Path Manager 
Perfmtr.exe: Performance Meter 
Perl 5 Scripting Language 
Permcopy.exe: Permission Copy 
Perms.exe: Permissions 
Pfmon.exe: Page Fault Monitor 
Pmon.exe: Process Resource Monitor 
Poledit.exe: Policy Editor 
POSIX Utilities 
Power Toys 
(New) PPTP Ping: Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol Ping Tools 
(New) Printmig.exe: Printer Migrator 
(New) Probe.exe: Response Probe 
(New) Profile.exe: Sampling Profiler 
(New) Profiles.doc: Guide to Windows NT 4.0 Profiles and Policies 
Pstat.exe: Process and Thread Status 
Pview.exe: Process Explode 
Pviewer.exe: Process Viewer 
Qslice.exe: CPU Usage by Processes 
Quickres.exe: Quick Resolution Changer 
(New) Quiktray.exe: Quick Tray 
Raslist.exe: RAS List 
Rasusers.exe: Remote Access Users 
RConsole (Remote Console) 
Reg.exe: Registry Management Utility 
Regback.exe: Registry Backup 
Regdmp.exe: Registry Dump 
Regentry.hlp: Technical Reference for the Windows NT 4.0 Registry 
Regfind.exe: Registry Search Utility 
Regina REXX Scripting Language 
Regini.exe: Registry Change by Script 
Regrest.exe: Registry Restoration 
(New) Remailer 
(New) Remote.exe 
(New) Remote Access Manager by Virtual Motion 
Remote Command Service 
(New) Remote Process Kill 
Riproute.wri: Routing with Windows NT Server 
Rmtshare.exe: Remote Share 
Robocopy.exe: Robust File Copy Utility 
(New) RPC Ping: RPC Connectivity Verification Tool 
Rshsvc.exe: Remote Shell Service 
Rshxmenu: Security Shell Extension 
Runext.exe: Run Shell Extension 
Sc.exe: Service Controller Query Tool 
Scanreg.exe: Registry Scan 
Sclist.exe: Service List 
Seagate Software Crystal Reports for Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit 
Secadd.exe: Registry Security Tool 
Security Shell Extension (Rshxmenu) 
Setedit.exe: PerfMon Chart Setting Editor 
Setupmgr.exe: Setup Manager 
Setx.exe: SetX 
Shareui.dll: Share UI 
Showacls.exe: Show ACLS 
Showdisk.exe: Show Disk Space 
Showgrps.exe: Show Groups 
Showmbrs.exe: Show Members 
(New) Showperf.exe: Performance Data Block Dump Utility 
Shutdown.exe: Shutdown 
Shutgui.exe: Remote Shutdown GUI 
Sipanel.exe: Soft Input Panel 
Sleep.exe: Batch File Wait 
Snmpmon.exe: SNMP Monitor 
Snmputil.exe: SNMP Utility 
Snmputilg.exe: SNMP Troubleshooting Tool 
Soon.exe: Soon 
Srvany.exe: Applications as Services Utility 
Srvcheck.exe: Server Share Check 
Srvinfo.exe: Server Information 
Srvinstw.exe: Service Installation Wizard 
(New) Stripe Log Examples 
(New) Svcmon.exe: Service Monitoring Tool 
Sysdiff.exe: Automated Installation Tool 
Tdishow.exe: TDI Tracing Utility 
Textview.exe: TextView 
Timeout.exe: Timeout 
Timeserv.exe: Time Synchronizing Service (Y2K Unverified) 
Timeserv.exe: Time Synchronizing Service (Y2K) 
Timethis.exe: Time This 
Timezone.exe: Daylight Savings Time Update Utility 
Tlist.exe: Task List 
Tlocmgr.exe: Telephony Location Manager 
(New) Top.exe: Time-Ordered Processes 
(New) Totlproc.exe: Total Processors 
(New) Translate.exe: Translate Error Message 
Tweakui.cpl: Tweakui 
(New) Typeperf.exe: Performance Data in the Command Window 
Tzedit.exe: Time Zone Editor 
Uptomp.exe: Processor Upgrade Utility 
Usrstat.exe: User Statistics 
Usrtogrp.exe: Add User to Group 
(New) Vadump.exe: Virtual Address Dump 
(New) Vfi.exe: Virtual File Information 
(New) Virtual Motion Remote Access Manager 
Waitfor.exe: Waitfor 
Whoami.exe: WhoAmI 
WCAT: Web Capacity Analysis Tool 
Winat.exe: Windows AT Scheduler 
Windiff.exe: File and Directory Comparison 
Windows NT Messages (Ntmsgs.hlp) 
(New) Windows Scripting Host 
Winexit.scr: Windows Exit Screen Saver 
Winmsdp.exe: Winmsdp 
Wntipcfg.exe: Graphical IPConfig Utility 
(New) Wperf.exe 
Xcacls.exe: Xcacls

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