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JSI Tip 1462. Invalid System Time in Year 2000.

If you set your system date to the year 2000 and logon, you may receive:

Invalid System Time

The time or date on your system time is invalid. Please use the date/time applet in the Control Panel to properly set your system time and date.

This indicates that your Real Time Clock (RTC) or BIOS is not Y2K compliant.

Winnt 4.0 checks to see wether the date is less than 1996. If it is, it assumes you have a problem.

The work around is to get an updated RTC and/or BIOS from your hardware manufacturer.

If none is available, you can run the Time Server Services, from the Server Resource kit, on a Y2K compliant server. This will syncronize your time with the Time Server, which is Y2K compliant.

NOTE: See W32Time, a replacement for Time Server.

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