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JSI Tip 1456. The Net Print command.

The Net Print command can be used to display and control print jobs and printer queues. The syntax is:

net print \\computername\sharename

net print \[\\computername\] job# \[/hold | /release | /delete\]


 Parameter   D e s c r i p t i o n 
 computername   Specifies the name of the print Server. 
 sharename   Specifies a specific printer queue on the Server. 
 job#   A unique number assigned to a print job on the Server. 
 /hold   Holds the job# in the queue. 
 /release   Releases a job# that was held. 
 /delete   Deletes a job# from the queue. 

net print \\JSI002\HP1600C displays:

Printers at \\JSI002

Name                           Job #     Size           Status
hp1600c Queue              3 jobs                      *Printer Active*
     JERRY                      34       754            Printing
     JERRY                      35    125536            Waiting
     Jennifer                   36       850            Waiting
     Jennifer                   37      3455            Waiting

The command completed successfully.
To display job 35, type net print \\JSI002 35
Print job detail

Job #               35
Status              Waiting
Size                125536
Remark              Untitled
Submitting user     JERRY
Notify              JERRY
Job data type       NT EMF 1.
Job parameters
Additional info
The command completed successfully.
To hold job 36, type net print \\JSI002 36 /hold

To release job 36, type net print \\JSI002 36 /release

To delete job 37, type net print \\JSI002 37 /delete

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