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JSI Tip 1409. Eliminate Policy Editor restrictions.

The Windows NT Policy Editor doesn't let you remove an entry you added in error, nor does it allow the setting of REG_BINARY values.

You can overcome these deficencies by using the Windows NT Registry Editor, Regedt32.exe:

1. Select the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE window.

2. On the Registry menu, Load Hive.

3. Navigate to and open a .POL file, such as %SystemRoot%\System32\USER.POL.

4. Enter a name in the Key Name dialogue box, such as USERPOL.

5. Make any additions, deletions, and changes you desire.

6. Select the Key Name you used in step 4.

7. On the Registry menu, Unload Hive.

8. Respond Yes to: Registry Editor will unload the currently select key and ........

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