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JSI Tip 1378. IMS does not start?

If your Internet Mail Service (IMS) does not start, your inbound email will stop flowing.

If you have not run out of free space, a reboot may temporarily resolve the problem. You may notice that the Application Event Log may contain messages from the MSExchangeIMC service:

4070: An error occurred while opening a temporary message file. Verify that
the message spool directories are configured correctly and are readable by
the Internet Mail Service.

4131: An unexpected error occurred in the Internet Mail Service. Information
about this error is stored in the data portion of this event.
One possible reason for this problem is that the <Drive:>\Exchsrvr\Imcdata\In has been deleted. To fix the problem:

1. Create the <Drive:>\Exchsrvr\Imcdata\In folder.

2. Set Read permissions for Everyone on the folder, so users can't delete it.

3. Restart the IMS service.

If the folder continues to get deleted, enable auditing.

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