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JSI Tip 1250. Profile quotas.

Service Pack 4 (SP4) provides the ability to limit the size of a user profile.

To enable profile quotas:

1. Use System Policy Editor and insure that Options / Policy Templates
    contain Common.adm and Winnt.adm (%Systemroot%\INF\).

2. Create a new policy.

3. Open Default User, and expand Windows NT User Profiles.

4. Check Limit Profile Size and enter:

       Custom Message: Enter the text you want displayed when the quota is exceeded.

       Max Profile Size: Enter the Quota in Kilobytes (default is 30,000KB).

5. Check Include registry in file list.

6. Check Notify user when profile storage space is exceeded, if you don't want to wait until logoff for notificiation.

NOTE: The user will not be able to logoff until their profile is under the quota.

NOTE: Delete and move the Temporary Internet Files (and History).

NOTE: See StorCast to set quotas on the users home directory and/or other folders.

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