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JSI Tip 1234. How can I create a single mandatory profile for select W9x users?

01. Create a domain account for each user.

02. Create a home directory on the server for these users and share it. See tips 400, 557, 1065, and 120.

03. On the Profile screen, click Connect and choose a drive letter and set the UNC path to the user's share.

04. Create a W9xProfile user, using steps 01, 02, and 03.

05. Logon to a W9x computer as W9xProfile. See tip 248.

06. Using Control Panel / Passwords / User Profiles, click Users can customize their preferences and desktop settings. Windows switches .....

07. Click OK.

08. Customize the desktop. You may want to map drives and/or printers, but I prefer using a logon script.

09. Logoff. This creates a User.dat in W9xProfile's home directory.

10. Rename User.dat to

11. Copy this to the home directories of the other users.

When one of these users logon, they should receive the mandatory profile.

See tip 0567.

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