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JSI Tip 1206. Event ID 1012 when using the DLC protocol.

If you receive the subject Event ID, with a source of HPMON, you either have a very busy/slow network, or you have problems with:

• Network routing, switching, logical addressing, or datagram services.

• Data link transmission control or error detection.

• Physical, electrical, mechanical, or functional interfaces.

• Hardware drives.

To reduce the number of DLC errors logged, alter the Settings on any DLC printer. Set Timers and Status Update to 160 seconds and click OK. Select Options and modify Response Timer (T!) to 10, which will allow more slack time to respond to queries, Acknowledge Timer (T2) to 10, which allows more time to respond to printer requests, and Inactivity Timer (Ti) to 10, which gives a printer extra time to respond before DLC thinks it is having a problem.

NOTE: These changes will affect all DLC ports.

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